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CBD and Yoga – How CBD Can Help Compliment Yoga

CBD is the latest health and wellness trend to rise in popularity in the Hong Kong community. Natural medicine enthusiasts, holistic healers, athletes, and devoted yogis have found that CBD compliments their lifestyle. CBD and yoga fit hand and hand by promoting self-awareness, boosting focus, and fighting anxiety. CBD can be an extremely useful tool when appropriately used, whether you are practicing yoga, meditating, or looking to lower stress naturally.

We will cover how CBD pairs with yoga, how the hemp-derived compound affects our bodies, and talk with a Rebounce customer and yoga instructor about their experience using CBD and yoga.

First, we want to cover the legality of CBD oil in Hong Kong to ensure our readers our products are 100% legal and safe to consume.

Legality of CBD Oil Hong Kong

CBD has been legalized and is growing in popularity in many countries, including Hong Kong. As long as products don’t contain THC, the intoxicating compound derived from marijuana, authorities in HK allow CBD in HK to be purchased, possessed, and consumed.

All Rebounce HK CBD products are double-tested to ensure they are free of THC, any harmful compounds and confirm CBD potency levels.

How Does CBD Compliment Yoga

According to medical author Manoj Sharma, Ph.D. from EMedical Health, ‘The fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind, and environment. Yoga professes a complete system of physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.’ (1)

CBD and yoga complement each other because CBD’s purpose is also to find balance in our inner self and free our bodies of pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. Most people who regularly practice yoga use the technique for their mental health more than physical (2). While yoga is physically challenging, the purpose is to self-observe and leave the session a better person than when you started.

Using CBD regularly is much less physically demanding, but the goal is to promote relaxation, limit anxiety, and self-reflect by finding balance in our endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The ECS is a complex network of endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes that help keep the body in a state of homeostasis or balance. Our body naturally produces cannabis-like neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids that interact with cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. The activation of the receptors sends chemicals that help us deal with external situations like stress, anxiety, pain, memory, and the sleep-wake cycle. (3)

CBD affects the ECS by inhibiting enzymes that limit the production of endocannabinoids. A regular dose of CBD can boost endocannabinoid production, promoting harmony in the body, and give us the chemical response to help deal with anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation, and other outside threats to our wellbeing.

Using CBD and Yoga

Yoga and meditation also reduce stress and anxiety by promoting physical wellbeing and deep breathing exercises. Using CBD and yoga can increase the benefits of both experiences helping users find their best selves during a yoga session.

CBD also helps counter the strain after an intense yoga class. Physical activity can lead to inflammation and sore muscles. CBD products such as Rebounce CBD oil, Rebounce Massage Oil, and our CBD Cream can help reduce swelling and fight sore muscles and joints.

According to Healthline, CBD ‘reduces inflammation by affecting activity in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. That goes for both chronic inflammation and acute inflammation (4).’ A study done in 2019 found that CBD helped reduce inflammation in an animal model with osteoarthritis (5).

Not only does CBD help enhance the yoga experience, but the cannabinoid can also help advanced yogis recover faster and maximize their next session without soreness.

Our Conversation with Rebounce Customer and Yoga Instructor Sachen

We had the privilege of talking with a Rebounce customer about their experience using CBD and yoga, as well as how CBD improves their everyday life.

Sachen is a yoga instructor from India who has been practicing and teaching yoga in Hong Kong for decades.

CBD Is Good For Yoga

Rebounce: How long have you been teaching Yoga?

Sachen: I’ve been teaching yoga for about 20 years and have been a dedicated yogi for nearly 40 years. My passion is yoga, but I also specialize in meditation, diet planning, and detox. I’m a huge advocate of living a healthy lifestyle by taking a holistic approach to physical and mental health and diet.

Rebounce: Have you been teaching in Honk Kong?

Sachen: I moved to Hong Kong in 2020. I’ve recently started using Rebounce products now that I have access to CBD.

Rebounce: How does CBD fit in with yoga?

Sachen: CBD is a great supplement to improve yoga practice. Taking CBD regularly assists yoga in the physical and mental space. In physical, it helps with inflammation and muscle recovery. In mental, it helps to disengage from the thoughts and anxiety and have more feeling of being present and inner awareness. In both cases, it is very matching to the yoga principle. It doesn’t have any side effects of intoxication like tobacco or alcohol. CBD gives you a positive outlet without the need for harmful substances so you can live a healthy lifestyle.

Rebounce: How do you use Rebounce CBD?

Sachen: I take Rebounce three times a day. When I wake up, I pair CBD with coffee and fresh juice for a boost. After lunchtime, I take CBD to help me stay focused and at night for relaxation and to promote higher quality sleep.

Rebounce: Do you think CBD helps your yoga workouts?

Sachen: Yes, it definitely helps me focus during the session and recover faster. I’m able to perform at a higher level when I’m not sore and able to let go of my stress.

Sometimes I will take CBD before yoga if I feel like I need help concentrating on letting go of my inner thoughts. If I’m feeling sore after, I will use the CBD cream from Rebounce to relieve sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

Sachen can be found at Be Earth, he is an affiliate of Rebounce, and you can purchase CBD directly from him. He can be reached via:

WhatsApp: 5702 1975


IG: doyogawithisha

Yoga Class at BeEarth run by Sachen
Sachen practicing yoga to find his inner peace and balance