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CBD Oil For Pets | Hong Kong – How to Use CBD for Pet and Is it safe?

CBD Oil For Pets, CBD oil is quickly becoming the go-to natural treatment for conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, and epilepsy. Users are so excited about the results they are getting using CBD they are now giving their new favorite remedy to their pets. We know that most pet owners are very particular with what they give their four-legged friends and may be hesitant to give them a product derived from hemp. Understanding how CBD works in the body will give a pet owner the confidence needed to try this plant-based solution to treat some of the most difficult conditions pets face.

The Endocannabinoid System

Every mammal possesses an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This complex network of neurotransmitters, receptors, and enzymes is responsible for moderating some of the body’s most important functions. Experts believe that the ECS is responsible for regulating anxiety, pain tolerance, inflammation, stress, memory, appetite, and the sleep-wake cycle. When we or our pets, introduce cannabinoids like CBD into the body, experts believe that endocannabinoid production is increased. This results in more reasonable reactions to issues like inflammation and anxiety. According to Michael Backes, author of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana, “the constant release of the body’s own endocannabinoids could have a “tonic” effect on muscle tightness (spasticity) in multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, inflammation, and even baseline appetite. The value of proper “endocannabinoid tone” throughout the body could be very significant to general well-being.” When CBD oil is given to pets, they have the same reaction as humans. In many cases this means increasing the production of endocannabinoids, resulting in natural health benefits such as decreases in anxiety, inflammation, and sleep disorders.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

In 2017, the World Health Organization stated that ‘CBD, in its pure state, appears to be safe and well-tolerated in animals.’ There haven’t been any cases of any pets overdosing from CBD products. The only danger could be giving your pet an incredibly large dose. Even then, the side effects will be mild. We will later cover how to safely dose pets of all shapes and sizes.

Reasons to Treat Your Pet with CBD Oil

While giving your pet CBD oil is safe, the pet owner still must be educated in the conditions CBD has the potential in treating. Forming realistic expectations is important when you are treating conditions with CBD. Below are the most common medical applications used on pets.

Separation Anxiety

The end of the pandemic is in sight, which means offices, bars, restaurants, and concerts will begin opening back up. Most pet owners have spent more time at home than usual during the past year. Pets have become accustomed to spending the majority of their time with their owners. As more options outside the home open up, your pet may have trouble adjusting. Even before the pandemic, an estimated 20-40% of all dogs presented to veterinary behavioral specialists suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs with this condition tend to express their emotional distress by destroying everything in sight or barking all day. CBD could help calm these nerves as your pet gets used to you leaving for work each day or spending a night out with friends.


There’s no cure for arthritis, but CBD may be able to alleviate the symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Many cats and dogs experience arthritis as they grow older, limiting their mobility and quality of life.

Chronic Pain

Conditions like chronic pain are difficult to identify in animals because they can’t let you know they are in pain. Hereditary issues can give dogs and cats conditions like Osteoarthritis that is at no fault of their own. If your pet is showing any of these behaviors, they may be suffering from chronic pain:
  • Limping
  • Not willing to jump up or down
  • Avoiding stairs
  • Less active
  • Stiffness
  • Slower getting up in the morning or after a nap
CBD may help improve your pet’s quality of life. The most encouraging aspect of CBD oil is there aren’t harmful side effects like opioids and NSAIDs.

How to Safely Dose Pets with CBD Oil?

CBD for humans and CBD for pets isn’t much different. Because CBD is simply an extraction from hemp, the molecule is the same, no matter what creature is benefiting from the compound. CBD for pets should be human-grade. Many companies add flavoring that appeals to animals or other natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and teeth. The biggest difference between a CBD product marketed for pets from one that is designed for humans is the dosage. Most pets are much smaller than their owners, so they won’t need as much CBD to experience the benefits. The easiest way to find the perfect dose for your pet is to start small and work your way up, start with the weak dose and try with the strong dose when needed for enhanced effects. We recommend follow the table below for instruction, how much CBD is used is depending on the weight of your pet. If possible, place the oil under their tongue or mix it into their wet food, our natural CBD oil has no taste and made with just two ingredients MCT oil and cannabidiol (CBD) so it will not interfere with the taste of the food. Monitor how they react to the dosage over the next couple of weeks. If necessary, increase the dosage. SOURCES