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How CBD help her with creativity and focus

CBD is widely used for various benefits because of the compound’s ability to affect our endocannabinoid systems. While most people take cannabidiol for pain relief, other applications are extremely exciting, including taking CBD for focus and creativity.

This post will cover how CBD, directly and indirectly, affects how our brain functions. We will also hear from a real Rebounce user how CBD boosts their productivity, creativity and generally improves their quality of life.  

CBD and the Prefrontal Lobe

One of the incredible effects of CBD is that it significantly increases blood flow to the brain. In particular, the hippocampus region of our prefrontal lobe. This part of the brain controls our memory, emotion, attentiveness, and creativity.

A recent study led by UCL researchers found that a single dose of CBD increased blood flow to the hippocampus. The double-blind study measured blood flow using ‘arterial spin labeling,’ a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain-scanning machine that measures changes in blood oxygen levels.  

The hippocampus region is one of the most important parts of the brain and needs healthy blood flow to function. Experts believe that the area plays a critical role in mind-wandering and is vital for creativity. If you are struggling to focus or not feeling inspired, you may be suffering from having less than optimal blood oxygen levels in your hippocampus. While we need more research to be definite, CBD looks like a promising solution to help with focus and creativity.

Indirect Effects of CBD on Focus and Creativity

CBD can also help you increase productivity and get your creative juices flowing through other benefits. For example, our brains aren’t able to function if we aren’t getting enough sleep. Taking CBD before bed has been shown to improve sleep scores and the overall quality of sleep.

When you are well-rested, your brain performs at a higher level. So, taking CBD to get better rest will indirectly improve your ability to focus and be creative during the day.

How to Use CBD to Boost Focus and Creativity

The study we mentioned above tested CBD use after one large dose. While this is a method used in research studies to observe cognitive behavior with CBD, we recommend taking a smaller amount every day over extended periods. Experts believe that taking CBD regularly is the best plant to experience the full potential of the cannabinoid.

Interview with Shirley Choi – Founder of Happy Diamond Music Studio

Rebounce: Hi Shirley, can you tell us what about yourself?

Shirley: I am the founder of Happy Diamond Music studio in Hong Kong.

Rebounce: How long have you been using Rebounce products?

Shirley: I’ve been using the Rebounce CBD oil every day for almost a year now.

Rebounce: Why do you use CBD?

Shirley: I take CBD every night before I go to bed. Also, I enjoy taking CBD when I feel stressed out, before composing, and after workouts. The products help me calm down at night and give help me focus when I’m composing music.

Rebounce: How do you feel after taking CBD at night?

Shirley: When I wake up, I feel refreshed. After taking CBD, I have much more energy during the day and feel like I can get more done.

Rebounce: How does CBD help with Creativity?

Shirley: I take CBD when I’m composing  music because it gives me a calm and peaceful state of mind which has boosted my creativity.

Rebounce: Does it help you focus?

Shirley: CBD helps me focus on what I’m doing and it helps me to hear how different layers of music instruments orchestrate together to form a nice piece of music.

Rebounce CBD for Focus and Creativity

The incredible benefits of CBD exceed helping with anxiety, sleep, and pain. New findings show us the true potential of CBD’s natural healing properties. If you struggle to stay focused during the day and aren’t as passionate about your creative outlets, try Rebounce CBD. Our products will put you in a better state of mind leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle.