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CBD Facial Serum


Rebotany CBD facial serum is plant based and made with 100% natural ingredients. Available in two different blends for acne relief and anti-aging. Locally blended in HK by our licensed aromatherapist.

Our Anti-Acne blend can be absorbed rapidly to immediately balance facial excretion, exfoliates, reduces pores, and calm skin. Formulated with CBD & Black Seed oil for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects to improve acne.Meadowfoam Seed Oil acts as an emollient, sealing in moisture, keeping the skin soft and supple, and balances sebum production: Jojoba oil is a good moisture barrier and can protect daily pollution. Suitable for oily and combination skin. The Anti-Aging & Renew blend is a collagen production stimulating oil that has the same anti-aging properties as retinoid but none of the side effects such as redness and skin irritation. It can help to reverse signs of aging and to moisturise skin. We have two blends of CBD facial serum made with all natural and plant based ingredients for anti-aging and anti-acne,both enriched with 600mg of CBD.

The Benefits

Feel balanced and rebounced.
anxious | CBD | Relax

Ease Stress

Quiet the noise in your head and find inner peace
Painful | CBD | massageoil

Reduce Pain

Soothe injuries, stressed muscles, and chronic pain
Sleep | insomnia | CBD

Enhance sleep

Sleep better and wake up refreshed
CBD | Skincare

Smooth skin

Smooth and calm skin relatedinflammation such as eczemaand acne

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free


THC Free

Pure, High Potency Oil

How to use it ?

Apply a few drops each morning and evening to slightly damp skin until absorbed. Can be mixed with moisturiser and applied together. Suitable for oily and combination skin types.

How much to use?

Apply with a few drops.


Anti-Aging & Renew:

Grape Seed Oil, hazel nut oil, rosehip seed oil, green coffee oil, prickly pear oil, pumpkin seed oil, camellia seed oil, Bakuchiol, Vit E, Rosemary extract and 600mg of CBD.

Acne Relief:

Black Seed, Meadowfoam, Sweet Briar, essential oils of Tea Tree, Thyme, Lavender, Geranium, Clove, Clary Sage, White Willow, Rosemary, with extracts of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and 600mg of CBD.


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Shirley Choi

“CBD help me to get a restful sleep and it allows my mind to be more creative when writing music” Shirley Choi – Founder of Happy Diamond Music Studio

Yogi Sachendra

“CBD helps me to find my inner peace when doing yoga and also he p me to reduce stress & anxiety” Sachen Yoga instructor
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