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Water Soluble CBD


Water Soluble CBD can be added into any drinks such as coffee, tea, juice and more.

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Rebounce water soluble CBD isolate is a nano-emulsified liquid concentrate that is dispersible in almost any beverage with minimal impact on flavor and mouthfeel. Because the CBD molecules are nano-size (that is, super tiny), it’s easy for them to enter your bloodstream. As such, a small amount of water-soluble nano CBD is extremely effective. Water-soluble CBD is ideal for cafes and restaurants, as you can add a few drops to coffees, smoothies, and juices. Your patrons will enjoy the health-conscious addition to your menu.

The Benefits

Feel balanced and rebounced.
anxious | CBD | Relax

Ease Stress

Quiet the noise in your head and find inner peace
Painful | CBD | massageoil

Reduce Pain

Soothe injuries, stressed muscles, and chronic pain
Sleep | insomnia | CBD

Enhance sleep

Sleep better and wake up refreshed
CBD | Skincare

Smooth skin

Smooth and calm skin relatedinflammation such as eczemaand acne

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Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free


THC Free

Pure, High Potency Oil

Made in the USA

How to use it ?

Add 3-6 drops (equivalent 20mg to 40mg) into any drink and mix well before serving.

How much to use?

CBD dosage depends on your condition, weight, and metabolism. We suggest starting with a low strength of 0.2mg of CBD per kg of body weight and gradually increasing it until you feel the difference. Every 3 drops is equal to 20mg of CBD each, it is recommended to start with 1-3 drops first before increasing in dosage.


Purified Water, Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Isolate, Quillaja Extract, Modified Soy Lecithin, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate


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Shirley Choi

“CBD help me to get a restfull night and it helps my mini to be more creative when writing music” Shirley Choi Founder of Diamond music studio.

Yogi Sachendra

“CBD helps me to find my inner peace when doing yoga and also he p me to reduce stress & anxiety” Sachen Yoga instructor
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